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Monthly Archives: October 2010


Now I finally have your attention. I am currently into reading this book and I can say that I came to knowing this while doing a side project.  After a month or a few weeks, I rushed myself into a famous bookstore only to find that it’s sold out already. I managed to get myself listed so that I will be prioritized. Lo and behold, a week later. I finally have this book in my hands. Like any owner would do, I hurriedly went home and hugged this wonder into my arms. Browsed every page (oh how I love the smell of books) and keep it safe with a cover. I will be reading them in a few days and will post more about it as well.

I am not plugging it or anything but here’s the book. It’s only P899 and it’s worth it. Grab yourself a copy if you dare follow this advice. I think it’s available at every bookstore locally but I got mine in Fully Booked.

this is it.

At the end of the day, I would say that I am on this guy’s side. 🙂


Here is my first attempt to magnetic poetry. I didn’t have the actual kit so I managed to try them online. Check my awesome trial below.

my poetry

With this, I will definitely get myself their best selling original kit and hopefully some other stuff this Christmas. I am also drooling on the stamp kits.  Only got one problem or maybe two, the shipping fee and if I have enough money to splurge on that. Who knows? 🙂

This is my new blog. Making my ramblings, thoughts, good vibes documented along with everything and anything under the golden warm sun. I am also trying WP and hoping that this will work out for me.

Welcome to the blogging world, late bloomer me!