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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Allow me to introduce our new blog –
I’m starting to like WordPress.
I am thinking of changing it to .com to make it more personal and unique.
I will try my best to make it into Lonely Planet or any DIY travel sites out there.
Meanwhile, this is where all my ramblings will go.


Arbeit – is job or work in German. I would rather this use this language so I don’t sound like I am hating it.

I am thinking of quitting my day job soon and venturing on a different career. I will definitely work from home and will do some side project every once in a while. I am also thinking of marking up by taking some online courses or probably pursuing my German language class.

I would also like to post my desire to work for the best search engine in the world, which I consider my best friend. I’ve made up a cute image for that search engine. I promise myself that I will try to apply there as long as I could.  I just need some affirmation, positive vibes, luck, faith and most of all Prayers.

Allow me to introduce my best friends hiding in our closet. My Polaroid camera collection.

They are now out of the closet to be with their long lost friend – the Polaroid film from the Impossible Project, NYC.
It’s not typical that they get to go out but this is a very rare reunion and I am sure they will love meeting each other.

They’ll be out every now and then shooting wonderful photographs. I will also be with them to enjoy it.

Let us Save the Polaroid movement and spread some Instant Photography Lovin.