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I’ve created several blogs from the past and have decided to give up on them. Maybe because I’m not inspired or I just lack confidence when it comes to writing.  I created this blog so that I can practice myself, hone that hidden skill (if i have such) and inspire other people.

Hopefully, I can manage it.



  1. wow, you quit your job and now working from home.. hayy gusto ko din yan.
    gaol ko yung quit my job since 2010, and yikes im still here!

    • H chyng, yes i did it and i thought na di ko kaya 🙂 gives me more time to do a lot of things. 🙂

  2. if you want to keep on blogging, just blog for yourself. it will evolve in due time just like any other skill. if you might come across my blog, you’ll see how amateurish i wrote my entries when i first started. it will change in due time so long as you keep on writing!

    galeng cause you’re now working from home! hope to do that one of these days as i’ll be turning a new leaf some time this year too! 😀

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