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I am a hard-core believer of this famous quote. Let me also share that Patience is something that we must not let go off. I have tested this and it works for me. We cannot rush things to happen, if we want it, the universe will help us to make it happen and of course lots of prayers. I mean lots. All we need is just a little patience (axl is that you singing) 🙂

For my case, I would sometimes desire material things. Not that I want it (of course i want it) but I know that it will be useful to me and for the work that I do. Just recently, I booked a flight for another vacation in our favorite country. Since we will be travelling for 12 days and I cannot leave my work at home, I figured why not bring my work with me. With that in mind, I planned the budget, booking, hostels etc and looked for places with wi-fi access. Wi-fi is easy to find but what if you don’t have the gadget to use it with. I kept on thinking, browsing online, checking the most cheap netbooks that I can find without at least affecting our budget for the trip but I can’t find anything that’s easy on the pocket. You will have to shell out 15K or more and that’s no good for me at this time. So to cut the story short, I saw this appliance store where they offer deferred payments on appliances including netbooks, pcs and what-nots. Just by trying my luck, I applied and submitted by application for them to assess. Had gone through the very thorough investigation to see if I am capaable of paying (of course i am), checking of people, asking a lot of stuff but I managed to get it over and done with. The next day (03.15.2011), an sms made me smile telling me that I am approved for the netbook that I want. Went to the store, submitted the requirements, paid the deposit and i was able to bring my new baby home.  I also get to add a new category on my blog. Yey!

Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce my new gadget. I wonder what will I call her?

my new toy!



  1. woot! you should give her a name. all of my things have. hehe naniniwala akong di nasisira agad pag may “closeness” kayo ng gamit mo.

    in naming, the 1st word I think of, yun na agad ang name. hehe

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