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It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was uber happy with the gift I received from my loved ones particularly the one that I will be using for this blog. I’ve decided to name my gadgets based on the traits I feel I showed in order to get them. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce my new camera – Persy a.ka. perseverance.



I’m excited to test run this beauty. More photos with you in the next few days, months and hopefully – years! 🙂


It’s been weeks since i last wrote an entry, my hubby told me that I’m such a lazy blogger.  It hit me and it hit me hard.  I will prove him wrong, not now, in as few days maybe. 🙂

xin chào!

We arrived in Vietnam from Manila this morning at around 1:15 am or 12:15 VN time. Since we plan to visit Cambodia and stay in Vietnam after 5 days, we had to stay in the airport for 3 or 4 terrifying hours. We can’t stay inside the airport so we were told to stay outside. Too bad, I can’t find a decent spot to make myself comfy and I am almost or most of the time, mad because of my current situation.

By 4:30am, we decided to hit the road and since we have this taxi guy patiently waiting for us for almost 3 hours, we decided to hire him and lead us to PPSorya bus for our first bus ride to KH. We paid him $8 after haggling and haggling. We are not that spendthrift, are we! 🙂

This was supposed to be my entry last night but I’m too sleepy.

I’ve been using this online application for quite some time now and i just love it. With that being said, I would like to share this to the public or to my readers if there’s any. 🙂

Well the site is Photocabine, it’s an online photobooth and the results are just awesome. I feel vintage looking at the photos and its nostalgic vibes. Here’s a sample below. Go ahead take your photos now.

my flower display

I’ve created several blogs from the past and have decided to give up on them. Maybe because I’m not inspired or I just lack confidence when it comes to writing.  I created this blog so that I can practice myself, hone that hidden skill (if i have such) and inspire other people.

Hopefully, I can manage it.