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First of all, this is our longest overseas trip to date and my apologies for the overdue post (as if there are people reading). It’s from  Apr 10, 2011 -  Apr 22, 2011 and that’s 2 days less because mostly we are on the airport and is travelling, so I don’t consider that as part of the trip.

This was a birthday gift to my significant other and one of the things that we should’ve done a year ago but lack the time.  So, it took me a month to prepare the budget, create the itinerary, contact hostels and all. I was happy that in a short span of time, everything went smoothly or so I think.

Let me share our photo and can you guess where this was taken? 🙂



Tomorrow,  the start of our adventure begins, for this blog that is.


from our almost two weeks vacation and I am recovering from what I think is food poisoning. 😦 I am clueless as to what was it that I felt during our last few hours in Vietnam and when we arrived here in our beloved country. Good thing my very high fever didn’t struck me while at the arrival area. Oh my, I am now recovering and will be sharing our adventures soon.

Take care all

I am currently on blog break. So many things happened and this is my first travel for more than 5 days. From April 11 to April 22 and I already overspent on food, forgot to bring my comb and won’t buy one either 🙂 and must budget my way to be able to buy pasalubong.

I’m screwed if I eat more. 🙂 Oh my!

xin chào!

We arrived in Vietnam from Manila this morning at around 1:15 am or 12:15 VN time. Since we plan to visit Cambodia and stay in Vietnam after 5 days, we had to stay in the airport for 3 or 4 terrifying hours. We can’t stay inside the airport so we were told to stay outside. Too bad, I can’t find a decent spot to make myself comfy and I am almost or most of the time, mad because of my current situation.

By 4:30am, we decided to hit the road and since we have this taxi guy patiently waiting for us for almost 3 hours, we decided to hire him and lead us to PPSorya bus for our first bus ride to KH. We paid him $8 after haggling and haggling. We are not that spendthrift, are we! 🙂

This was supposed to be my entry last night but I’m too sleepy.


since i am no longer working, i had to think of ways to fully enjoy this temporary liberation. my resolution is to visit whatever it is that i can visit of my country, be it out of town or just across the street. last jan 8, i was able to visit a spot in Makati which is known as “The Collective”. They’ve got some unique shops, foods and veggie restos which i like.

a late entry. this was suppose to be at the other entry but the pictures were late.

me and mariel

at sonya's garden

December 02, 2010. It was a friends birthday that made us decide to visit this place. What started as a joke, eventually turned out as happy day trip and birthday celebration. We are all from the southern part so there’s only one way and that is Tagaytay.

First stop – Bag of Beans.  It’s all our firsts to be here and we really enjoyed it. They have delectable menu and very appetizing desserts. We had our fair share of their pasta, coffee and the very praiseworthy cheesecakes. They’re so heavenly that I can’t resist eating them the moment it was served. I didn’t have the chance to post the photo’s right away but I will, soon. I would like to commend the lovely staffs and Mr. Security Guard for being so nice to us. It was a lovely experience for a lovely day. I would give this a 2 thumbs-up remark.

Next stop – Sonya’s Garden. An unplanned destination but it’s worth the 15 minutes ride.  I only remembered the location through my head but we managed to be there after eating at Bag of Beans. I figured, the map looks like they’re from the same area so we should be able to hit the road and be there.  With out any hesitations, we rode a jeepney going to Nasugbu and alight at the entrance. We hardly noticed the sign as it’s an entrance to the whole village. Sonya’s is located inside a village so you have to ride a tricycle in order to be there. The jeepney fare is about 12pesos each and the trike is 20pesos for the whole ride.

It was a heaven on earth to see this breathtaking place. It was our second time to visit this place and our friends’ first. We had a chance to walk around the garden and see it’s beauty in mid-daylight. It’s past 4pm-ish when we arrived there. The place was so lovely and I am lost for words describing this place. You have to see it for yourself to really appreciate it. We took a lot of photos but will put it on a different spot. 🙂

It was a fantastic day trip spent with lovely people. Thanks to Google for all the mapping and researching.  It made our day and I hope you will too.

Allow me to introduce our new blog –
I’m starting to like WordPress.
I am thinking of changing it to .com to make it more personal and unique.
I will try my best to make it into Lonely Planet or any DIY travel sites out there.
Meanwhile, this is where all my ramblings will go.