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It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was uber happy with the gift I received from my loved ones particularly the one that I will be using for this blog. I’ve decided to name my gadgets based on the traits I feel I showed in order to get them. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce my new camera – Persy a.ka. perseverance.



I’m excited to test run this beauty. More photos with you in the next few days, months and hopefully – years! 🙂


As I write this entry, I am currently using the program, that I just recently found out for windows 7, which is the windows live writer.  I guess this will make my life as a blogger wannabe easier. So many features that I will soon be checking out. By the way, many things happened in the past months and our trips that I still have yet do document. I am hopeful that by using this it would all make it easier and faster. Good luck to me.

Since I have a new work which requires me to be awake when the rest of my country men are asleep, allow me to humor you with how I depict myself. No, I no longer work for a Call Center Company and Yes, I work from home.

cutey night owl

Thanks to Google for making my imagination real. That is it, I’m off to work.

it was fun while it lasted.

Dec 28, 2010. I decided to leave my day job. I quit. For real. No turning back and no hesitations. It’s weird when you get the feeling one day that you do not want to work anymore. It’s pathetic I know specially at this times but I braved it with confidence, determination and faith. I know that my being freelance will get me somewhere and that’s what I always look forward to.

Any who, enough of the crazy world back then and I am welcoming the new things that will happen.

Arbeit – is job or work in German. I would rather this use this language so I don’t sound like I am hating it.

I am thinking of quitting my day job soon and venturing on a different career. I will definitely work from home and will do some side project every once in a while. I am also thinking of marking up by taking some online courses or probably pursuing my German language class.

I would also like to post my desire to work for the best search engine in the world, which I consider my best friend. I’ve made up a cute image for that search engine. I promise myself that I will try to apply there as long as I could.  I just need some affirmation, positive vibes, luck, faith and most of all Prayers.