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As I write this entry, I am currently using the program, that I just recently found out for windows 7, which is the windows live writer.  I guess this will make my life as a blogger wannabe easier. So many features that I will soon be checking out. By the way, many things happened in the past months and our trips that I still have yet do document. I am hopeful that by using this it would all make it easier and faster. Good luck to me.


It’s been weeks since i last wrote an entry, my hubby told me that I’m such a lazy blogger.  It hit me and it hit me hard.  I will prove him wrong, not now, in as few days maybe. 🙂

This is a test drive for my new gadget. I am now blogging from my netbook. Yey!I find it a bit easy compared to what others are saying, the size is just about right for me. I will have more patience, like your name, no matter what it takes, for us to have more journeys and adventures together. I am very sure that we will enjoy each others company.

that's our other dog, always active and happy

ps. my other dog wants to use my computer as well. hahaha! She is currently sleeping beside me as I write this entry. That’s her on the photo. 🙂

I’ve created several blogs from the past and have decided to give up on them. Maybe because I’m not inspired or I just lack confidence when it comes to writing.  I created this blog so that I can practice myself, hone that hidden skill (if i have such) and inspire other people.

Hopefully, I can manage it.

Allow me to introduce our new blog –
I’m starting to like WordPress.
I am thinking of changing it to .com to make it more personal and unique.
I will try my best to make it into Lonely Planet or any DIY travel sites out there.
Meanwhile, this is where all my ramblings will go.

Here is my first attempt to magnetic poetry. I didn’t have the actual kit so I managed to try them online. Check my awesome trial below.

my poetry

With this, I will definitely get myself their best selling original kit and hopefully some other stuff this Christmas. I am also drooling on the stamp kits.  Only got one problem or maybe two, the shipping fee and if I have enough money to splurge on that. Who knows? 🙂

This is my new blog. Making my ramblings, thoughts, good vibes documented along with everything and anything under the golden warm sun. I am also trying WP and hoping that this will work out for me.

Welcome to the blogging world, late bloomer me!